Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage

Swedish massage involves working the soft tissue of the body, to ease day-to-day stresses and muscular tension, and to promote relaxation. The technique involves long, kneading strokes combined with rhythmic tapping strokes and movement of the joints.

This type of massage targets the uppermost layer of muscles and aims to relieve muscle tension. It helps to increase delivery of blood and oxygen to the treated areas and can also be used in support of other therapies to assist in the rehabilitation of muscular injuries.

Swedish massage also increases blood flow to muscles which in turn increases nutrient supply, aiding recovery and increases flexibility by allowing muscle fibres to glide smoothly thereby preventing trigger point formation.

Massage closeup


  • Reduced Stress and Anxiety 
  • Increased energy and sense of well-being 
  • Enhanced immune system (massage stimulates lymph flow)
  • Reduced muscle tension 
  • Improved skin and muscle tone, increased joint flexibility 
  • Improved circulation and lowered blood pressure 
  • Long lasting feeling of relaxation and deeper, better quality sleep


  • 30 minutes - Back, Neck & Shoulders OR Specific Problem Areas - £28
  • 60 minutes - Back, Neck & Shoulders OR Specific Problem Areas - £40
  • 60 minutes - Full Body - £40
  • 90 minutes - Full Body - £60